A Florida-based small business



About us

William S. Abrams is the founder of Abrams Group Construction. His military background gives him the advantage of disciplined leadership with precise coordination of his execution teams. Based in Pace, Florida, Abrams Group Construction has earned a reputation for solid project planning, cost control, safe project sites, and meeting our clients’ objectives with prompt execution of scheduled goals. Our in-house project management, demolition, and construction personnel give us a competitive edge in the industry.

Other advantages to utilizing Abrams Group Construction are:

  • Safety is paramount on each jobsite with documented daily briefings on OSHA regulations and compliance.
  • The staff at Abrams Group Construction takes full advantage of the latest technology to streamline the methods of communication, implementation, and cost-effective project achievements.
  • An established relationship with other construction crews across the country that can handle any construction, demolition or disaster related venture.